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Drive Those Who Lead Transformation

Graphic composition of photos of Lemann Foundation’s Leadership Network members meeting, surrounded by colorful graphics.
Graphic composition of photos of Lemann Foundation’s Leadership Network members meeting, surrounded by colorful graphics.

Well-prepared people are essential to lead the country towards social justice and prosperity. Therefore, our leadership development initiatives identify, develop, connect, and encourage highly motivated professionals to seek solutions to the country’s social challenges, such as the Alcance Program, which supports black and indigenous people to study abroad. In addition, we are focused on lessening bias by including leaders representing racial equity, regional diversity, gender, and sexual orientation.



people attended the Alcance event, many planning to apply for a master’s in 2022


are black

+ than 50

offers from universities to participants from the first edition of Alcance Program, which provides guidance on preparing for international master’s degrees
Photo of Vitor Martins with a vibrantly colorful background.
I dream of fostering more and more spaces, debates, and agendas that perpetuate the inclusion of minority groups. The Alcance Program leads me to have an intellectual repertoire so that I can achieve my goals as a professional and citizen who fights for diversity.” Vitor Martins
Photo of Thaise Constancio Temoteo with a vibrantly colorful background.
Quero contribuir para que tenhamos uma sociedade com mais equidade, que quem venha depois de mim não tenha que passar pelos problemas que eu passei.” Thaise Constancio Temoteo
Photo of Suane Santos with a vibrantly colorful background.
Meu sonho é desbravar caminhos e inspirar, mostrando para as pessoas que tiveram a mesma origem que a minha que é possível. Mas, não quero chegar sozinha, quero caminhar junto, quero facilitar acessos.” Suane Santos
Photo of Mauricio Antônio dos Santos with a vibrantly colorful background.
Com a preparação para me candidatar às melhores universidades do mundo, já posso ajudar alunos que têm o mesmo sonho que o meu: estudar no exterior e mudar a realidade da nossa região por meio do conhecimento.” Mauricio Antônio dos Santos

For people who believe in Brazil

697 highly talented people, engaged and tenacious in finding solutions to Brazil’s leading problems: this is the Lemann Foundation Leaders Network, which welcomed 60 new members in 2021. The entry process attracted and selected leaders who combined the ability to leverage the leadership network’s impact generation while representing Brazil’s racial and geographic diversity.

As part of the Network, the nearly 700 leaders were able to participate in programs that connected them and boosted their initiatives, such as the Leaders Network Challenge, in which groups of members proposed solutions to mitigate the pandemic’s impacts. The Decolagem Project will use social technology to support interventions in Marte, an impoverished community in São José do Rio Preto in the countryside of São Paulo.

Watch the Lemann Foundation Leaders Network video

Photo of Nina Rentel Scheliga, a member of the Lemann Foundation Leaders Network, surrounded by colorful graphics.

Nina Rentel Scheliga, director of social technologies and leader of the Favela 3D Project at the Gerando Falcões Network and participant in the Lemann Foundation Leaders Network

I joined the network uncertain that I was a leader. Today, I understand myself better as such.”

More Brazilians in centers of excellence

World-renowned universities are important centers of knowledge generation and exchanges between highly engaged people. Therefore, we are dedicated to increasing the presence of Brazilians in the largest centers of excellence.

To connect students with Brazil, the Brasil on Campus initiative connected students from the Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, and Oxford campuses. Ambassadors on each campus organized events and shared opportunities and news with more than 100 Brazilian students studying at those campuses throughout the year.

Ongoing development for those already working in Brazil

The ongoing Lemann Visiting Fellows program places esteemed Brazilian researchers and professionals in internationally-renowned academic centers. Experienced professionals well-regarded in their areas of expertise dedicate themselves to research during a period focused on reflection and immersion in the academic world. In 2021, there were five Lemann Fellows at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), three at Columbia University (both in the United States), and two at Oxford University (United Kingdom). Below are some of these talented people:

Photo of Patrícia Campos Mello, journalist, amid colorful graphics.

Patrícia Campos Mello

The journalist is a visitor at Columbia University, in the United States. She researches disinformation and political strategy.

Photo of Marcelo Knobel, teacher, amid colorful graphics.

Marcelo Knobel

Former rector of Campinas State University (UNICAMP), where he is also a Physics Professor. He was a Visiting Professor at MIT and is also working to strengthen the Institute’s alumni network in Brazil.

Photo of Gabriella Lotta, teacher, with a background of colorful graphics.

Gabriella Lotta

Professor of Public Management and Governance at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), and a visitor at the Blavatnik School of Government, in Oxford, UK. She investigates specific challenges of public administration.

Together for the public sector

In 2021, the Lemann Foundation Program was launched, based at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University, UK. The program focuses exclusively on Brazil, with a focus on the challenges of public management, generating and disseminating knowledge, and developing policy briefs, case studies, events, and workshops on the sector’s challenges and opportunities.

Events and conferences also supported the debate on public administration. At the St. Gallen Symposium – which brings together leaders from around the world – and at the Brazil Conference, researchers and decision-makers gathered to brainstorm training proposals for the public sector.

Taking care of how public servants perform is taking care of the education taught to our children, the health care given to everyone in a pandemic and health emergencies, and the public safety we all receive when we're on the streets or at home."”
Photo of Cibele Franzese, teacher, in front of a full bookshelf.
Cibele Franzese, professor at FGV and member of the People Ahead Movement, during the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT 2021

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