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Working Together For a More Just and Advanced Brazil

We use our skills to enable and leverage the skills of many other people and organizations. We share purpose and work in partnership, enhancing the impact of our commitment to Brazil and its people.

Graphic composition with photos of Lemann Foundation’s Annual Meeting atendees, surrounded by colorful graphics.
Graphic composition with photos of Lemann Foundation’s Annual Meeting atendees, surrounded by colorful graphics.

A transformative ecosystem

We are a collaborative philanthropy that believes in the sum of capabilities to amplify positive social impact. Over the last few years, we have matured our operating model and, today, we have member organizations that share our culture, vision, and values and that are allies in our commitment to a better country for all. We also support dozens of other public education initiatives for learning and leadership development for Brazil.

This impact ecosystem was developed thanks to donations from the Lemann family, which for 20 years has maintained the Lemann Foundation, a non-profit social organization. We also rely on co-investor partners in our mission and initiatives, which join the Lemann Foundation in making the impact promoted by this ecosystem scalable and viable.

Associated organizations and their achievements in 2021

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Created in 2020, Instituto Gesto was born from the evolution of Formar, a program improving pedagogical and administrative management in 28 public education networks. In 2021, Movimento Pela Base (MPB) continued their work, focusing on promoting the safe reopening of schools in its supported networks and on building strategies to recover lost learning. The MPB also started working with states on their people management policies and created Plantar Educação, an educational program focused on the Amazon territory.

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The Movimento Pela Base celebrated the third anniversary of the National Learning Standards and continues to monitor its progress. In 2021, according to the Observatory website, 99% of municipal networks already had curricula aligned with the National Learning Standards. The year was crucial for producing content and monitoring the incorporation of references into teaching materials and in proposals for reviewing national assessments.

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Instituto Reúna develops tools and practical content aligned with the National Learning Standards and gathers the best practices in national and international experiences, leveraging a network of partners to work for a more coherent education. Launched in 2021, the ImpulsiONar Program supports municipal departments and schools in developing strategies to prevent and reduce learning gaps in Portuguese and Math.

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Nova Escola is the main platform for Brazilian educators, reaching millions every month. In 2021, it developed educational material with teachers from the education networks. They generated collections created especially for Amapá, Ceará, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Pernambuco, and São Paulo, aligned with the curriculum of each state. They provide free books for teachers and students, with a pedagogical proposal based on active methodology and practical material to plan classes, always adapted to the needs of public schools.

Supported organizations

For a strengthened society and to improve people’s lives, we invest collaboratively in institutions that work on causes connected to our focus of action, Education and Leadership. In 2021, the Lemann Foundation supported 37 organizations, focusing their efforts on institutional strengthening and leveraging their impact results.

Partnerships that drive change

Our partners and co-investors don’t just provide resources that allow the initiatives’ impacts to be scaled. They are a source of learning and inspiration for new ideas, adding depth and weight to what we do. We extend our recognition and gratitude to each of them.